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A Topsy Turvy Weekend At ECC

by elegantcheesecakes on June 10th, 2011

This fun design was a total surprise for the bride from her mother!We had a fun weekend her at ECC last week making this customize beauty! The bride had no idea what the final outcome was going to be so we had a lot of creative freedom!  Each flower, feather and adornment is handmade out of chocolate. Take a peek below to see how we came up with out peacock feathers:A milky chocolate color is cut out into the shape of the body of the feather and the blue is added as the “eye”

Step 1:
Dark chocolate is rolled out, the body is put on top, and we cut the feather strands by hand. Then we painted the whole thing gold.

Step 2:
Handpainted with powder coloring. Time consuming but worth it!

Step 3:
The final product! Almost as good as the real thing….only it tastes better!

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