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Fun Easter Ideas

by elegantcheesecakes on March 27th, 2012
family shot

We did a little photo shoot here at Elegant Cheese Cakes to wow you with our fun Easter ideas! We were feeling creative and thought what a perfect holiday to share cute ideas!  We ordered a flat of wheatgrass from our local grocery store and used it to create a fun and springtime inspired display to show off our latest and greatest.  This is a really fun way to have your cakes displayed, and so easy too!  We used Oasis soft foam (like for flower arrangements) to stick the pops in so they would stand upright, and then we surrounded the whole thing with wheatgrass to get a clean and final look. So easy you can build at home! Just ask your local grocer for a flat of wheatgrass and get ready to have fun!

Just a note, we cut 3″ strips of the wheatgrass to place all the way around the Oasis, and we trimmed the grass to get a uniform look all the way around.

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