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“Is that fondant?”

by elegantcheesecakes on June 21st, 2012


Oh, if only we had a dollar for every time one of our new customers has looked at our cakes and asked “Is that fondant?” You’d think we’d get tired of tackling that question, but we’re always happy to educate and clarify: “No; it’s chocolate paper.” That response, of course, brings us to the inevitable follow-up question: “What is chocolate paper?” And that leads us to today’s post…

Chocolate paper is the most versatile element in our cake decorating repertoire. Some may call it “modeling chocolate” or “chocolate plastique.” Not surprisingly, its main ingredient is Belgian chocolate, which can be dark, milk, or white. White chocolate, of course, can be custom-colored to any hue imaginable. Unlike most varieties of fondant, it tastes and smells extraordinary. Its malleability and ability to hold its shape make it second-to-none as the decorator’s choice for sculpting completely edible decorations; it can even be rolled paper-thin. We cover most of our cakes with this “chocolate paper,” a method that has gained a burgeoning following of loyal fans. As you can see, modeling chocolate starts out as chocolate pieces, which are then melted and manipulated into a solid mass, which is then pressed into chocolate paper.

This is an example of pink chocolate paper exiting the sheeter…

…on its way to covering this charming, all-occasion cake:

We hope you’ll consider one of our chocolate paper-covered confections for your next special event. We’re confident you’ll become aficionados of our chocolate artistry at first taste!



















































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