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Two For the Road

by elegantcheesecakes on June 27th, 2012

Summertime is here, and with it the potential for travel, exploration, and vacation. There seems to be no dessert more universally loved than cake, and today’s selection of globetrotting confections illustrates that theory.

Oftentimes, we design cakes that are inspired by previous creations, but each cake is unique. If a mold existed, we’d break it! Occasionally, unbeknownst to each other, two customers will commission nearly identical cakes, as in the case of these cakes representing the skylines of San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia. An uncanny coincidence! This colorful cake features the three aforementioned cities, as the couple wanted to incorporate all the places they’d lived together:

This cake tells a similar story, but in a more monochromatic fashion:

There is no sweeter way to say “Bon Voyage” than with a delicious cheesecake masquerading as a suitcase. We can craft luggage that is personalized to the recipient, right down to the passport…

…or even to the exact shade of the Tiffany box:

Cakes are a wonderful way to pay tribute to the places you’ll go, but also can represent the places you’ve been. This “globe of the world” shows all the cities the birthday gal has traveled to…

…and this globe cake illustrates the international destinations the birthday party’s guest of honor has called home:

We hope that your summer will be filled with lots of delicious adventures! A beautiful, chocolate paper covered cake to commemorate them is just a phone call away with no need to travel; your cake can be shipped to you.

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