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Elegant Cheese Cakes Goes Wild– Safari Style!!

by elegantcheesecakes on May 19th, 2011


We had a couple with an over-the-top fun and crazy wedding cake design back in February. It was a celebration at City Hall of San Francisco that included hundreds of guests; we provided cake for about 250 and created a faux presentation cake decorated with all the elements requested by the bride to surprise her groom.  The concept was to choronicle the couples’ relationship, from when it started until marriage.  We took milestone events (such as high school, college, engagement, vacations, etc.) and incorporated favorite passtimes as a couple to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!  The couple loved to play scrabble so we used scrabble tiles to mark out the “path” of their relationship journey from start to current.  We finished the path with a scrabble board combining their names and a landmark of their final destination!

We pulled in extra hands to help and spent about a full week sculpting critters and other elements out of chocolate.  Our favorite local artist, Rose Smith, came in and sculpted and painted the most ornate details that made the whole cake come to life. And the best part is….IT’S ALL CHOCOLATE!!!  Check out the images below, I will explain as we go…


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